About Us

The Pomegranate Playwrights came together in 2004 as an offshoot of the New Playwriting Festival held at the Pomegranate Theatre in Chesterfield.

The group, many of whose members have been showcased in the festival, made their debut with The Chesterfield Tales, produced to commemorate the 800th anniversary of Chesterfield’s Market Charter. In subsequent years the group has made regular contributions to Chesterfield’s annual Market Festival whilst their annual Winter Warmers evenings have become a regular part of the Pomegranate Theatre’s festive fixtures.

Future plans include taking the new writing experience out to other audiences in the region as well as continuing to write and perform new work at the Pomegranate itself and providing a supportive environment for people interested in writing for the stage.

The group have a programme of new works which they will read themselves and are on offer to travel to care homes, groups and clubs.  Thanks to funding from Derbyshire County Council, we are currently able to offer this service for the cost of expenses only.
Visit our On Tour page for details.

Chesterfield Tales – 2004
The Pomegranate Playwriting Group supported by funding from Chesterfield Borough Council wrote short pieces to celebrate the 800th anniversary of the Chesterfield Charter.  They were put together to provide an evenings entertainment at The Pomegranate Theatre as pat of the first Chesterfield market and arts festival.

Tarradiddle – 2008
The Pomegranate New Playwriting Group wrote short pieces looking at the History of Entertainment to help celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Civic Theatre in Chesterfield. These pieces were then taken by Viva Orchestra and improvised with Newbold School to produce original music to accompany the spoken word.
The Pomegranate Youth Theatre improvised the spoken word and with movement performed the piece at the Pomegranate Theatre as part of the Pomegranate New Playwriting Festival.
This project was supported by Chesterfield Borough Council, Derbyshire County Council and Orchestra’s Live

If you would like more information on new writing or are interested to join the Pomegranate Playwriting group please contact Carole Copeland
by email: pomytheatre@gmail.com or by telephone: 0793 260 3525.

Pomegranate Playwrights are members of ‘Made in Derbyshire‘ click to visit our page.

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  1. Just browsed the playwrights website/blog. Very easy to use and some interesting information. I hope it gets used widely and often.

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